Swim, bike, run, race...FUN!


North Carolina Triathlon and Cycling Team (NCTC) is designed for Youth/Junior (12-23), U23 triathletes & cyclists and Adults (18 & Older) in the state of North Carolina.


The team was started in 2013. There is a High Performance Team (13-23 HPT) and DEVO (Development) Team (12-18).


The High Performance Triathlon Team is geared for elite level triathletes ages 12-23 focused on draft-legal racing and USA Cycling licensed riders. This team requires a try out.




The Development Team is designed for athletes ages 12-18 that are interested in trying out the draft legal format of triathlon, super sprint/sprint triathlons and also interested in participating in USA Cycling events. This team is also open to cyclists interested in racing in USA Cycling events.


CYCLING for U23/Juniors - check out the tab at the top for information about the upcoming Cyclocross Season!

State Wide Club

NCTC is a registered club with both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling.



Triathlon and cycling are sports that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. NCTC strives to create an environment that engenders this philosophy.

Cycling and Triathlon

USA Triathlon and Cycling Club is open to everyone!


For Junior Racers:

Development/DEVO Triathlon (12-18)

High Performance Triathlon (13-22)

Junior/U23 Cycling Team