NCTC is a registered USA Cycling Club.

Contact L2 Cycling Coach Suzie Hosman for details.

Road Cycling: mid February - mid July 

Cyclocross: mid  August - mid December 


Team is limited to 12 athletes DEVO, 6 Elite 

2 Team Options:

DEVO - 12-19 for 'crossers with 1-2 years of experience and the desire to compete

at a higher level.

Elite - Racing Age 15-22 - must be Cat 3 (15-16)/Cat 1-2 (17-22) - this team requires athlete desire to compete at the highest level through consistent training and commitment to sport.

Steps to become part of the team:


1. contact Coach Suzie

2. Join the club (Contact Tab on website) & purchase a license from USA Cycling (Team Name: NCTC)

3. Sign up for a Basic Training Account on Training Peaks

4. After receiving email from Coach Suzie, join Team Snap - this is where you register for the team, have access to team training/racing calendar, provide availability info for planned sessions,...

5. Order a kit - link below to team store. Team store closes on August 5, 2019. All racers should order jersey & bibs at minimum (skinsuit is nice, but not mandatory). Arm/Leg warmers and a jacket would prepare the rider for most weather conditions.

6. Make sure your bike and all equipment is in good working order

7. Get ready to have some FUN!!!

Fees and Practice Schedule:

Club Membership - $25 per year (does not include coaching)

Sign up for club membership using the Contact Tab.


2020 Season Training will begin in August.

Season kick off race will be GoCross in Roanoke, VA, followed by BHB Series, NCCX and USA Cycling Nationals (December).


Out of town races include Charm City and DCCX.







2019 Team kit order will be placed soon. Link:






Squads DEVO & HPT


Jingle Cross 2019
Jingle Cross 2019