During this unprecedented time, NCTC is offering free virtual training on Mondays (run) & Wednesdays (bike) for the next 8-10 weeks. To participate all you need to do is join the club ($25) using the link above. An auto email will be routed to Coach Suzie and she will contact you with the details. This Free program is open to all juniors "racing age" 10-19. Monday = runday + core via Zoom with Coach Ean/Wednesday = Zwift group ride. Practices begin at 4PM.

p.s. you do not have to be a triathlete to participate. All motivated athletes are welcome.

Junior Triathlon Programs

High Performance Team

USA Triathlon

TRIATHLON The High Performance Team requires a try-out. HPT is open to athletes "racing" age 13-19 and U23

Athletes are eligible for an automatic slot if they qualified for USAT Youth/Junior Elite Nationals in 2019. Athletes new to the team will have a skill assessment with Coach Suzie.


 *Contact Coach Ean for the fee schedule (via the contact page) or if you have questions about enrollment (there is flexibility in joining teams throughout the season.


 2021 Tentative Triathlon Season

(dates to be finalized soon)

Session 1:January-March  (8 weeks)

Session 2: Marh-May (10 weeks)

Session 3: May-August (10 weeks)


The High Performance Team will focus on the USA Triathlon Youth/Junior Elite Cup races, USAT Elite Development Races (EDR) and Youth/Junior Elite Nationals.

For more information on the draft-legal format and Junior Elite Cup:




March 8 - Clermont Draft Legal Challenge 

March 15 – Sarasota Youth Elite Cup

May 3 - Richmond Youth & Junior Elite Cup Triathlon (Richmond, VA)**

June  7 – Pleasant Prairie Youth & Junior Elite Cup (Pleasant Prairie, WI)

June 27 – Monroe Youth & Junior Elite Cup Triathlon (Monroe, WA)

   July 12 – Des Moines Youth & Junior Elite Cup

August 1 & 2 – USAT Youth & Junior Elite Championships (Westchester, OH)**

Coach will also suggest other racing opportunities to athletes.


**Denotes coach attended races. At races where coach is unable to attend, athlete will be linked with another coach from a USA Triathlon High Performance Team.



2020 USAT Junior Elite Series Guidev2.pd
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Development "DEVO" Team


The Development Team is open to youth/junior athletes "racing age" 10-18 . The emphasis will be on preparing athletes for the draft-legal triathlon format and super sprint triathlons (non draft).


The DEVO Team focuses on skill development and training consistency. The DEVO program will be made up of "Skills School" sessions throughout the year and will include local and out of town athletes.



 Practices Tuesdays and/or Thursdays 6PM &/or Saturdays 3:30

Mini Camps are usually half day Saturdays or Sundays

Session 1: March-May

Session 2: May-August


Athletes will prepare for select Mid East races with their final goal being USA Triathlon Youth/Junior Nationals.

Athletes that do not live in the Triangle area are welcome to join the team as satellite athletes and will receive race support and the opportunity to participate in clinics and skills camps.


*Race weekends will count as a practice session. Fees include all practices and clinics. Contact Coach Ean for the fee schedule or if you have questions about enrollment (there is flexibility in joining teams throughout the season).


Athletes interested in cycling only may join the DEVO squad and participate in cycling practices.



Suggested races (to be confirmed)




**Denotes coach attended races.



All Teams



Running Shoes

Bicycle Helmet

Road Bike

Seat bag with spare tube/levers/CO2

Road ID

Team racing suit

Team Tech Tee

Watch with laps


HPT/DEVO (additional items)

Clipless Pedals

Triathlon Shoes

Stationary Bike Trainer

Wetsuit (optional, but highly recommended)

Cycling team kit including jacket (optional)

Bike Computer

 Heart rate monitor strap