How old do I have to be to be on the Development Team?

You must be age 11 by 12/31/2018. Athletes racing age 10 will be considered based on maturity level and skill level.

What is the team structure?

Choose from High Performance (12-19 & U-23), Development (DEVO 11-17) & Club (18 & older)Teams.

Can anyone join the team?


The Adult Club Team is open to 18 and older.

Athletes aged 11-17 can join the Development Team that currently owns a road bike (or cyclocross bike), can swim 200 yards without stopping, can run a mile and are interested in the draft-legal path.

The High Perfomance Team (12-19 & U-23) requires a try out and USA Triathlon designated benchmarks in swim, bike & run.

How do I sign up?

 Contact Coach Suzie at or You will be given an application to complete and return.

What equipment do I need for the DEVO & HPT teams?

 You must have a road bike (or a cyclocross bike), helmet, clipless pedals (mandatory for HPT team), cycling shoes, goggles, swimsuit and running shoes.

How many days a week is practice?

 Practice days vary with the time of year.

What kind of races does the team do?

 The team will focus on triathlon, but also participates in local running events, swim meets and local USA Cycling events (road & cyclocross).

The competitive team will focus on draft-legal triathlon races.

The development team will focus on local youth oriented events, super sprint triathlons and F-1 draft-legal triathlons.

How much does it cost to join the High Performance Team?

Fee Structure: Local Team (includes weekly practices) or Statewide Team (you practice with your own coach)

Local Team:

Membership fees are $100 per year and include a team t-shirt and selected coach supported events.

HPT members must purchase an ITU approved racing suit. The cost for a suit ranges $200-250.

Practice Fees: All practice fees include a training plan to be completed outside of scheduled practices. Swim practice can be scheduled for an additional fee. NCTC partners with John Roy from WAVE and Sarah Chaires from Club Kickstart.

How much does it cost to join the Development Team?

The Development Team membership fees are $100/year and include a team t-shirt (practice fees not included).

Development Team members are eligible to purchase a high quality ITU style racing suit ($175-250).

January- April practices will be held  1-3 sessions per week.

May- August practices will be held 2-4 sessions x per week.

Do I have to live in the Triangle to be on the High Performance Team?

 No. This is a state wide team. Team members are encouraged to participate in team mini-camps and meet up at the races.

How much do I have to train?

 It depends on your goals. The team goal is to be competitive at the highest caliber races. In order to achieve this goal, there is a huge commitment to training consistently for High Performance Team members.

What does the "typical High Performance Team" member look like?

 Most team members compete in a year round swim program, they run cross country at their school and participate in USA Cycling races. They like to work hard, but they also like to have FUN!

What does the "typical Development Team" member look like?

This team is designed to assist youth triathletes (11-17) increase their skills and fitness to reach the next level in triathlon (specifically draft-legal racing).