North Carolina Triathlon and Cycling Team (NCTC) is designed for Youth/Junior (11-23), U23 triathletes and Adults (18 & Older) in the state of North Carolina. The team was started in 2013. There is a High Performance Team (12-23 HPT) and DEVO (Development) Team (11-17)


The High Performance Team is geared for elite level triathletes ages 12-23 focused on draft-legal racing and USA Cycling licensed riders. This team requires a try out.

High Performance Cycling Team is available for cyclists 12-19 & U23.


The Development Team is designed for athletes ages 11-17 that are interested in trying out the draft legal format of triathlon, super sprint/sprint triathlons and also interested in participating in USA Cycling events. This team is also open to cyclists interested in racing in USA Cycling events.






High Performance Team members are encouraged to participate in a year round swim program. Additionally, cross country in the fall and USA Cycling races (road and cyclocross). Cycling takes place indoors on trainers in the winter and outdoors in the spring & summer. Athletes will compete in the USA Triathlon Elite Youth/Junior Cup series and USA Triathlon Elite Youth/Junior Nationals. Team members will compete in USA Cycling races, running events (5km) and open water swim races to complement their triathlon racing.


There is a great deal of emphasis on skill building (particularly in cycling and running), safety and foundation building.


Development Team (DEVO) members are encouraged to participate in either a year round swim program or summer swim league. Additionally, cross country in the fall. Cycling takes place indoors on trainers in the winter and outdoors in the spring & summer. Team members will compete in F-1 triathlon races (ages 12-16), local running events (5km), USA Cycling races and open water swim races, as well as local non-draft super sprint and sprint distance races.

There is a great deal of emphasis on skill building (particularly in cycling and running), safety and foundation building.


Suzie Hosman - NCTC Head Coach
Suzie Hosman is a licensed USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach. She is also a certified USA Triathlon Youth & Junior Coach. Coach Suzie was 1 of 5 coaches selected to attend the USA Triathlon Elite Mentorship Program at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in 2017. She shadowed top level coaches (including Bobby McGee, Barb Lindquist, Derick Williamson and Dr. "G" (Sokolovas) working with the College Recruitment Program. She was also exposed to top level nutritionists, exercise physiologists, USADA experts and strength and conditioning coaches.
She is also a USA Cycling coach and also has been a USA Cycling official. Suzie has been a licensed coach since 2006 and has been participating in triathlon since 1982 (more than 30 years of experience...WOW). Coach Suzie provides age appropriate training plans that focus on skills and long-term athlete development. Team practices are carefully planned to maximize the learning environment and to encourage athletes to work toward their potential.
Coach Suzie has a varied athletic background which began as an age group swimmer. She has competed in USA Cycling events for many years and is an active member of TriCyclists BRC.
Coach Suzie has competed in all distances and formats of triathlon (draft legal sprint - Ironman). She competed as a member of Team USA at the ITU Age Group World Triathlon Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2006. She currently still enjoys the occasional race which might be an open water swim, trail run, cyclocross race or triathlon...give her a shout if you see her at the races (she loves to chat...just ask her husband).

Coach Suzie has a B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Florida State University and spent 9 years as a professional massage therapist. She currently splits her time between Research Administration & Development work at the UNC Kidney Center and Coaching.



Coach Suzie believes in a multi-faceted approach to coaching young athletes. This approach includes long-term athlete development, developmental model of sports participation, progressive adaptation, emphasis on appropriate development rather than early selection along with integrated, holistic and systematic development.


NCAA Women's Emerging Sport

In 2014, Triathlon was approved as an emerging sport for women in the NCAA. What does that mean? There have already been several schools that are developing varsity programs. Some of these include men's teams in addition to the women's teams. As the next few years unfold, there will be more opportunities to earn scholarships at universities.